Paint Estimate Software

Get away from the paint estimate software on your computer. Use an App in the field.

Project Scope

Paint Estimate Pro does more than just producing a detailed and clean looking estimate.

It also provides an easy to read Project Scope for the crew. Easily push project scopes to Google Calendar.

Project Report

Once the project is complete, easily update actual days on the project and see how much you made after Time & Materials and Net Profit after Overhead .

paint estimating app

Save Time Estimating

Ceiling Area, Wall Area, Number of Doors, Windows & Coats... All of these details can be quickly entered and modified.

Spend More Time Talking to the client

Once all the basic information is added, you will have much more time to discuss room prep, repairs and scheduling.


Next Steps...

Contact us to get on the mailing list for the initial release of Paint Estimate Pro. Invite Only App for tablets will be available soon on the Google Play store.