Paint Estimate Calculator
Paint Estimating App

Our Approach

We understand the countless hours that can be spent typing up estimates on your computer. Paint Estimate Pro was designed to allow the estimator to quickly fill out project details on site.

Stop taking the time to calculate ceiling and wall areas, gallons of paint, and profit margins in your head. All the basic calculations are all done with a few room inputs. Paint Estimate Pro was designed for small to medium size painting companies. Solo painter or multiple crews painting company, Paint Estimate Pro will save tons of time.


Our Story

Paint Estimate Pro started out as one painter's Project Time & Materials spreadsheet for calculating painting estimates. Over the years, it grew quickly to include all the basic items residential painting.

Once, all the options were there, the focus turned to quick inputs. There are a lot of options in painting. All the basic information and special items and repairs can be quickly added. Our goal is to help painters Save Time, Make More Money and Grow Your Business.


Next Steps...

Start saving countless hours typing up estimates at home after the estimate. Request an invite for the testing version of Paint Estimate Pro. Will be available by email invite-only on the Google Play app store in early 2021.