Best Paint Estimating App

Have you been looking for a paint estimating app to help provide detailed painting estimates to your clients?

Look no further, Paint Estimate Pro is the best paint estimating app for house painting projects. Using an Android tablet, you can quickly work up detailed estimates for your clients.

House Painting Estimating App

Creating a New Painting Estimate

Paint Estimate Pro works with Google Contacts, Gmail and Calendar (iOS coming soon). When creating a new estimate, client contact information can be easily imported from your phone’s contacts synced with Google Contacts.

Paint Estimating App

Painting Project Defaults

Every painting project is unique, but likely has some options that will be consistent. Paint Estimate Pro starts off each estimate with a Project Default screen so you can set some important variables for the painting estimate. The settings on this screen will be applied to each new room by default, but can be easily modified.

Coats of Paint

One or two coats on the ceilings, walls and trim is one of the most common options.

Painting Estimate App - Room Defaults

Window and Door Type

The types of windows and doors can also have a big affect on the final price.

Custom Colors

Lastly, custom color residential painting requires extra paint and time versus a single color rental repaint.